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Entrepreneur Highlight - Neka Perkins

My name is Neka Perkins. I am the Momager of my 6 year old entrepreneur, author & philanthropist daughter, Faith.

Faith’s Closet is the name of our business. We offer published children’s books available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble and Kids Need Faith 2 apparel and accessories, which can be purchased on TeePublic.

We have been operating since early 2019,

I lost a daughter, Trinity, in May 2012. When Faith was younger she would often be playing and talking to “someone”. When she was asked, “who” she would respond, “My sister. She told me to tell you hi.” That was my cue to keep Trinity’s memory alive-I just had to figure out how at that point. In addition to that, I saw that Faith had a gift. She began identifying her sight words at 3 and was reading at the age of 4. She would write me and her Dad “love notes” and little short stories. So with all of this, my best friend who is a marketing and business strategist said to me that I should start a blog or journal about Faith. I went to bed one night and I was awakened about 3 a.m. with the idea that I should write books for children. I texted her right away and the rest is history.

I do not have any regrets. Each experience has been a learning one. I think that you only regret things when you could have done more than what you’ve currently done. We’ve been trying our best and working really hard so for that alone, I think it has been one of our best moves yet.

Challenges? Yes. Marketing, promoting and exposure has been the biggest challenges to date.

My motivation for continuing is knowing that this is not in vain. If I can inspire just one, which many have told us we have thus far, that’s all we can hope for. Sometimes people want to define success as how much money you can make but for us, it’s how many lives can you impact. A percentage of proceeds from the book has been used to feed the homeless in our current residing area, San Diego, CA, which is what Faith wanted to do from day 1. So being able to feed more than 166 people last year has been an amazing feeling. That is motivation in itself.

I have not left my 9-5. I still work full time M-F. However, if I had to give someone tips, the first would be to put God first and acknowledge him always. Secondly, make sure to write your plans…Make it plain. Lastly, don’t be discouraged. It takes hard work, dedication and persistence to achieve anything in life.

In 5 years I see our business as a flourishing, successful and positive brand that others recognize all over the world.

If someone needs to contact us, they can feel free to reach out to us via email at or via our Facebook Page, Faith’s Clubhouse.


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